My little red tether is my anchor in running with my friends. A beautiful guide dog has been my tether/anchor in mobility and independence for 17 years: 1. Pantera 2. Cricket, and now my beautiful 3. Georgina (Georgie). A life of family and friends is my joy and anchor in life.

The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it. CC Scott

Monday, October 24, 2011

Cozy Autumn Days

A friend's birthday was a great time to celebrate a beautiful Autumn afternoon on our deck. It was simple. Menu: Costco Broccoli Cheese soup and their french bread with Trop50 Juice. I love pulling out my little plates shaped like hearts for those special moments.  It was simply delightful to be outside enjoying the sunshine with a dear friend to celebrate her birthday. 
Happy Birthday, Christy.   
Sunday, Steve and I enjoyed the same menu except the creamy tomato soup. This fun little pitcher works great for soup for two.   Don't want to overdo this cooking :).

I love cozy Autumn days with family and friends.  I love that wherever I am, Cricket is nearby.  She is just so adorable. 


Jess and Glacier said...

I love autumn too. :)

Myrna R. said...

Yes, Cricket is so adorable. I love your heart plates and your idea for a simple lunch. (I'm not much into real cooking either.)

This fall weather is such a gift. I love it too.

Mimi and CC Cabana said...

We've been having a lot of soup and sourdough, too. It's that time of year! Love the pitcher and plates. And your huge backyard--so pretty!