My little red tether is my anchor in running with my friends. A beautiful guide dog has been my tether/anchor in mobility and independence for 17 years: 1. Pantera 2. Cricket, and now my beautiful 3. Georgina (Georgie). A life of family and friends is my joy and anchor in life.

The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it. CC Scott

Friday, October 21, 2011


Today Cricket and I had an adventure.  Since last Friday with arm in cast we have kept life fairly simple - no extended guide work on our own.  Basically, with someone - sighted guide or at the office where it is such familiar terrain and Cricket is often off harness.  And, as one of my colleagues said the other day - I know to steer clear when you are walking around without Cricket :).  The doctor said use your good judgment - don't overdo and use pain as your guide.  If it hurts, don't use that arm anymore.  Listen to your body.   When I asked GDB, they also said use your good judgment - listen to your body AND your dog.   Today after our run (no commitment on the 1/2 yet), we started with an appointment at the Apple store for a little more training on the ipad.  I have been so impressed with how helpful they have been.  If they don't know the answer on the voiceover, they have been willing and interested to find out the answers.  I love how excited they get on realizing the accessibility of their product.  As I was leaving the store getting my ipad in my purse, getting situated to work Cricket a lady came up to me and said - Your life looks really hard.    I smiled and said, yes logistically right now its a little tricky.  I thought she might have offered to give me a hand, but I think she then left.  (If you talk to someone who is blind - it helps when you say you are leaving.) I also thought to myself - my life is not any harder than another - just a little more visible. Then, my friend that I was scheduled to do lunch with - called and said she couldn't meet after all - a family emergency that put my little logistics in perspective.  So, this left Cricket and I with some time on our own before our ride was scheduled to pick us up.  So, what is a Becky & Cricket thing to do?  We first walked to Ben's for a lemon cookie and a diet coke and sat outside and enjoyed the sunshine.  Sitting there, I had two other people extend their sympathies to me :).    A couple things I have noticed - I use my left hand a lot!  I didn't realize I use it to swipe my credit card at purchases.  That became apparent today when I couldn't do it too well.  Okay, I don't need any clothing items.  However, we wear jeans a lot at our office and with the new season change, I realized that a new dressy pair of jeans almost could be a needed item.  My friend and one of my running partners told me to go into Lobellas Boutique and gave me awesome directions on how to find it.  Three stores past the apple store and walk in and they will help you.  Help they did!  She pulled out six pair of jeans, had me try them on and let me know which pair looked the best.  Done. 

I love that Cricket knows to turn into the restroom past Ann Taylor Loft without being asked.  What's going through her head?  Okay, Becky had her diet coke now we've got to make a stop at the restroom.  Thanks, Cricket.  Also, thanks for being six years old and making this broken arm deal as easy as can be with your settled into your ways.  Pantera was five when I broke the last arms :) which was a nice age too.    Visualize, by the time we were at the restroom, I am the lady with the broken arm, guide dog, purse with ipad in it (love that it is so much lighter weight than my big planner), and a couple shopping bags.  My phone was in my pocket, and I leaned into it and the speech went into high volume.  A little girl asked her mom - what is that lady doing?   Such a good question We had a little chat and laughed at the comedy of it all.

We did some yardwork and then to costco and dicks.  By this point, the arm was letting me know enough - hurting.  Listen to the dog?  She was still eager to work so it must not be phasing her too much.   The words of listen to your body came clear especially as we ran into some good friends - he is a nurse and he said, go home and put your arm up.  Okay will do.

Speaking of adventures - we are still dreaming of a choice between two vacations:  Scandinavian Tour or Peru Tour.       

Last time my casts were on summer months.  A new little challenge of casts in colder weather is fitting long sleeves over this bulky cast. 


lindsey said...

Becky, you amaze me! I know i've said it before, but you are a puppy raisers dream.

Also, for that vacation you are dreaming of...I think Cricket may want to come stay with me when you make that vacation a reality instead of a dream :)

Anonymous said...


Where in Scandinavia do you want to go? I hope your arm will become better soon!

Best regards

Becky said...

Lindsey - you are so kind. Oh, thank you. You know you make it easy to leave after I go through feeling guilty. As Cricket bounces off with you not even looking back!

Nadja - Sweden, Norway, & Denmark!

wendy said...

WOW....a tour.
I think I'd choose the Scandinavia one...but hey, Peru would probably be warmer.
I had a son who served his mission in Equador....loved it.

(how come we never listen to our bodies, we push ourselves BEYOND what they tell us sometimes)

of course you need some new jeans. doesn't every girl