My little red tether is my anchor in running with my friends. A beautiful guide dog has been my tether/anchor in mobility and independence for 17 years: 1. Pantera 2. Cricket, and now my beautiful 3. Georgina (Georgie). A life of family and friends is my joy and anchor in life.

The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it. CC Scott

Monday, January 10, 2011

Looking Forward to...

Our 1/2 marathon.  11 days away, ladies and Steve!  Are we ready? 
     Shannon and I ran 7 miles this am.  My legs are really feeling it tonight.

My video interview for Wasatch Woman  on Thursday.  Trying to decide what to wear,  what questions they might ask, and work out transportation details for this interview.

A Giveaway on my blog ...Soon!

A walk tomorrow with Cricket.  (I hope the sidewalk is cleared up to Dick's Market.)

Yoga tomorrow night. 

Steve's smile when he opens his Valentine Gift.

Lunch with a friend on Wednesday.

Seeing my cousin, aunt and uncle soon, although, sorry that medical reasons bring them our way.

What are you looking forward to?


Elisse said...

I'm looking forward to yoga on Tuesday night as well :D

Michelle said...

Wow, so many things to look forward to! Also it's nice to be able to walk with your dog whenever you want. Actually, I feel similarly when it comes to Troy. I've told Mum a few times that I like that I've got a guide dog because then I've got a reason to exercise nearly every day! Mum agreed with me. The other thing Troy does for me is gives me a reason to wake up each day. I wake up and reach over to him and scratch his ears, rub his head and give him a nice belly rub. If he's all ready to go, he likes to stand up so I can give him a back rub! So I guess this is another thing to look forward to: waking up to a dog who's happy to see me every morning! People don't realise how special these dogs are to us unless they're in our situation. Even my poor old mother still ponders how special Troy is to me. I'd like if she could close her eyes while pondering it next time. At least she might get a better idea of how us blind people appreciate our guide dogs. That's just my hopes though, I can't see Mum closing her eyes for more than a minute because she's so frightened of the prospect of not having sight.

Anyway take care and I hope your plans work out for the week! Just relax, your interview will go all right. It's ok, I understand if you're nervous though. Haha interviews have that way of creating nerves every time don't they?


Becky said...

Elissa; yay for yoga.
Michelle; yes, a guide dog brings so much joy and freedom in our lives!

Rudy - The dog with a blog said...

I'm looking forward to the snow being GONE! With the ice on the roads, the snow isn't the best anymore!
Hope Cricket enjoys her walk - I know Rudy really wants to go on one :)

Rudy's Raiser