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Friday, November 26, 2010

Resilient Team

May your weekend be as relaxing as Crickets. Such a life. She has earned her name of snuggle bug.

This week, I have had an opportunity which has caused me to pause and reflect on the journey of my career. I am the Director of Resilient Solutions,Inc. and our expansion six months ago which now includes: Resilient Center for Grieving Families. Five years ago our office began with me and one other therapist that I invited to join me. I love the word Resilient and wanted to create an office with that in the name. Although I believe our clients have the wisdom inside themselves - Solutions feels hopeful and people are searching for solutions to their challenges. Thus, Resilient Solutions, Inc. was formed. I recall the furniture arriving in the morning and a client scheduled that evening. I was so excited. Being a therapist in various settings: Moran Eye Center, LDS Family Services, Lifeline Adolescent Treatment Center, and internships at: The Sharing Place, Caring Connections, & Cancer Wellness House; to have my own private practice office was a dream come true. In the past five years, we have grown to twelve therapists, a colleague that co-leads our Hope Group, and an intern. We have also doubled the size of our office. Each of the therapists in our office is someone that I consider a friend, colleague, and have so much respect for their expertise. They each contacted me to become a part of our team. I carry a full case-load, generally 25 + clients each week as well as several groups, management of the office and supporting the other therapists in their practice. I love each aspect. My specialty is trauma, grief and loss. I also usually have some couples on my caseload and some children. Usually, the children I see have experienced a loss in their family -- death or divorce, generally. I also enjoy working with women who are experiencing depression and anxiety. Sometimes I am asked if my clients are blind. Right now, I have one client that is visually impaired. The fact that I am blind is insignificant in my practice, I believe. Generally, after the introduction of the dog in the corner; we get to the business at hand of their sharing their story.

I wanted to create an office that was comfortable. My hope is its a place where people can come and feel a refuge from the storms of their life. A place where they can leave feeling like a little bit of their burden has been lifted. The music as you enter our office is a compilation of each of the therapist's favorites. We celebrate birthdays and enjoy lunches together. My hope is that each of my colleagues know each time they come to the office how much they are appreciated and such an important part of our Resilient Team.

I love the opportunity to create events for our clients and the community. This next Monday, December 6th we will have Nurturing Yourself this Holiday for women who are grieving. We will have a special lunch, self-care guidance from a yoga instructor, and an opportunity for these women to share with one another. Our Grief and the Holidays evening was also an opportunity for those in our community to come, share - hang a candy cane on our tree in memory of their loved one and feel support. I am really excited for an event coming up in February with my dear friend, Corena: Renew & Restore which will be at our office in the morning and in the afternoon at Infusions Yoga & Pilates Studio . This will be an opportunity for therapists to receive six continuing education credits while learning more about Healthy Self-Care and Preventing Compassion Fatigue.

A new therapist recently asked me how I built my practice
, I said: build it, be passionate and they will come. (Can you tell I like the movie - Field of Dreams)


MAXMOM IN SA said...

Hey there Becky...
Passion and committment seems to be the fertile soil of success.
In this world of ours it is the empathetic heart, which takes time for those in need, which becomes the most treasured.
Congratulations on your wonderful work! The world needs people like you. We all need people like you!
You are amazing!
Sending lotsaluv and wishes for your work to be blessed in looks like it is already.

Myrna R. said...

So nice that you have a successful private practice.

I had one too for several years, then went into teaching at the University. But I still miss doing therapy.

Hope you continue to thrive.

s day @ said...

You have built such a comforting, welcoming, wonderful place for people to flock to when they are in need of a little extra TLC. Resilient Solutions has been a huge part of my life and I would not be in the good place I'm in without you! Thanks for building it:)

Lisa, Ellie and Hosta said...

That's so nice you go out of your way to make your coworkers feel respected and needed. (Can you teach my boss a thing or two!? *wink*) How wonderful it's grown so much too. Speaks to the heart you have! Keep up the great work!