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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Thank you, Natalie for sharing the following clip. As I listened, I reflected on what an amazing gift it is to have people describe the world to me. I get to see through others what they love and appreciate. I get to experience the uniqueness and joy of what someone chooses to describe in a situation.


Myrna R. said...

I think gratitude should be an attitude, and not restricted to one specific day. But, I'm glad we do celebrate it. Happy Thanksgiving.

MAXMOM IN SA said...

Hey there Becky...

Thank you for a wonderful video and allowing me to reflect on my senses.
One thing I did notice in the video was the absence (I am sure unintentionally) of the sense of touch...

Imagine this:...
You are standing on top of a cliff face in the deep forest of Mphumalanga (North Eastern South Africa) at a place called "God's Window". It has taken you more than 45 minutes to climb up the well trodden pathway and your body is drenched in perspiration. But now you have been rewarded and are standing at the precipice taking in the wonder of God's creation...

The sheer drop at your feet disappears hundreds of meters below you, into a deep valley which is dense with ancient trees and foliage.

As you impulsively stretch out your arms into the tangible breeze, you feel its strength as it courses up along the cliff face towards you. The hair on your head also rises to meet it and you can feel its icy tingle as it makes contact with the sweat droplets on your arms.

The temperature of the breeze is in direct contrast to the sweltering heat which pours down on you as you stand overlooking the vast African landscape below you.

This is just 'one' of the experiences of the awe of creation and the magnificence of that particular corner of the world. It is complemented by the cries of eagles above your head as they too play in the thermals.

The soft 'thud' of footsteps of many tourists behind you reminds you how high you have climbed because they too are busy attempting the climb up to the top of the cliff face to enjoy its wonder.

The earthy smell of decaying roots of trees which are thousands of years old permeates your nostrils.
There are sunbirds all around you - busy foraging for the sweet nectar of aloe plants which have survived between the rocks.

...and of course...the view! You can see for miles into the distance! Ahead of you lies the great Kruger National Park - a home to thousands of wild animals and the "BIG FIVE"!'s sheer size is bigger than Switzerland.

Oh the beauty around us should be applauded! You are right, we just have to stop and grant ourselves the opportunity to experience it!

Happy Thanksgiving, Becky!
(I hope I've uplifted you too of my childhood dreams was to be able to share the wonders of my country (verbally) with someone who cannot see)

Sending lotsaluv

MAXMOM IN SA said...
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MAXMOM IN SA said...
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Becky said...

Agree Myrna

Maxmom - that is an amazing description! Thank you :)