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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fashion Organization: Shoes

I love dressing for Fall & Winter.    Boots, sweaters, coats, mittens, scarves: pulling an outfit together can be fun.  I was recently asked to share some of my tips on Fashion as a woman who is blind.   For me, I love to express myself, my mood, my creativity through my clothing.    I will agree this can be an added challenge on each level being blind.   I realize now, I don't see this being something that I ever give up.  I used to tell Steve, let me shop because there will be a time that I won't enjoy it.  Poor man, we both realize now that is not the case!   So, I am going to share, and I hope someone will enjoy.  Dad, I understand if you have moved on by now.  I'll label as Fashion Organization/Blindness.

As with my  blogging post , I hope those of you that are blind or visually impaired will also share your tips and techniques as well.   We will start from the bottom with shoes.  Here in Utah we have distinct seasons so when it begins to turn chilly, I switch out my sandals for closed toed and boots.  With a new season, I go through my shoes and have someone with an eye tell me if they are still in fashion and look good.  Then, I clean them and spray them with protectant.  My winter boots/shoes are almost all either brown or black.  So, this makes for easy division.  (Maybe a little boring. I loved my pair of red boots that I had a few years ago.)  I have one pair of navy dress shoes, but they are a very different style so easy to identify.  I have the same  pair of boots in black and brown so it is really important that I put them back in the same place so that they don't get mixed up.  (I am sharing this from a previous embarrassing experience.)  This year, after doing an inventory I needed a pair of brown casual shoes to wear with dress pants.  Because I knew just what I wanted/needed I was able to go into the store on my own and tell the clerk what I needed.  Sometimes I will ask, what is the fun new boot/shoe this year.  They love to share.  You can get a lot of helpful information from other people.  She told me she had a pair of rider boots that are a rustic brown that will go with denim, browns, colors, etc. They were on sale, so done!   I am late 40's , ouch,  so I am not going to go crazy with the fads but may incorporate part of it into my outfit such as my animal print sandals or a belt with glitter.  I probably won't wear a full dress in this print or a glittery top, but a fun accent. 

I keep my shoes comfortable with a little style in the Fall/Winter.  Cricket and I will be walking through uneven terrain, mud, ice, slush so good traction is important.  I love boots.  
With this system, there isn't really a need for further marking or labeling on the actual shoes.  At times, I may get sloppy and leave them throughout the room and need a little help with the boots that are the same style/different color.  Other than that, they are easy to identify. 
Running, biking, hiking shoes are in a separate place.  They are all very different and have a distinct feel to them.


Ro said...

I'm not a big fashionista so I don't have a ton of stuff, plus with the Arizona weather, there just isn't much need for it haha! One tip I can share is that often times when I shop, I'll buy two of the same thing in different colors. This happens a lot with sweters because if I like a style, I want some variety. I like to make sure clothing has tags, because it's a great way to mark it. Say I have a red sweather and a gray one. I ask B what is the red one and cut a slit in the tag. Easy!

I did this with tank tops too. I had three identical tank tops for three different baseball teams. I didn't cut a slit in the Rays tank top. For the Angels and Cubs, I went alphabetical, so the Angels top has one slit and the Cubs top has 2.

Jeans are pretty easy since they are typically different styles. Though I recently bought two of the same, one in size 8 for when I need them and one in size 10. Just had to try them on and I put the 8 towards the back of the closet haha!!

Becky said...

Ro - Some great ideas and tips, thank you! I love how you remember your baseball teams.

Lucent Imagery said...

I love that you do such a range of topics on here. I've found my shoe choices are prioritised by comfort and my ability to balance in them! I wear high heels about four times a year for special occasions.

Becky said...

LI : Thanks! I love a variety including topics on the blog. Yes, I find with a guide dog, I can do an 1 1/2- 2 inch heel and then it is too much.

TOBY PUPPY in SA said...

Hey Becky...

I'm not visually impaired (As you know), so unfortunately I can't give you any 'tips', but I must say that your blog is awesome in sharing some of the things which a blind person has to consider- which a sighted people normally take for granted. This is what I love about your blog...your ability to 'create awareness'. We all live in unique paradigms...thank you for sharing your world.

On a slightly different topic, I must tell you what a friend of mind did when her blind child was small. She has 'quintiplets' (who are now the same age as my daughter - 20). One is blind and two are visually impaired with the last one sighted. She is an amazing mother!
When they were small she put up 'wall paper' in braille all around her house - for 'decor' effect for her visually impaired children. I have never forgotten this and the 'feel' of her efforts. Quite amazing!.

Thank you again for sharing your life!


Becky said...

Your sharing about the mom and her kids is a very touching story. It truly is amazing the creativity we can find!

Myrna R. said...

It's a good system you follow. As a sighted person I find your information very interesting.

One thing - your system sure keeps things neat. My shoes are nowhere near that organized.

DCHY said...

I just rotate through my shoes evenly so they don't wear out. Whenever I buy a new pair, I always apply waterproof sealant to my shoes. Minimum two coats for shoes and four for boots. Keeps them looking new for years. If only the soles could last as long as the rest of the shoes...

Torie said...

I only wear one type of shoes-trainers (running shoes really). They are really comfy, plus I don't really care what others think of me. I don't like following fashion at all, and believe in wearing shoes until they wear out lol. Xxx.

wendy said...

very good organizational skills!!!!!

I could use some new winter shoes.
or boots....need lots of boots in this country

Becky said...

Myrna; Yes, organizaation is so helpful. Place for everything ... sometimes easier said than done!
DCHY: Great tip.
Wendy: I hope you find some fun new boots for your winter.
Torie; Great idea and it sounds like you have a great practical system that works for you. I think that is what is important. I enjoy hearing what is the latest fashion and trying it out.

s day @ said...

You're are the best dressed person I know! It helps that you have the cutest body in the world so whatever you wear looks better on you than the mannequin in the store:)
The boots you wore to group yesterday.... amazing. I've been day dreaming about them all day. They were darling and SO stylish without being trendy.
Love it. Love you. Love the blog.