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Monday, October 25, 2010

Fashion Organization: Socks & Accessories

Organization Continued!  Thanks for reading and if you have tips to share, questions, or comments -- LOVE them.  I keep my socks in bins. The black socks in one, blue in another one, and the brown and white in one. The black and blue are labeled in braille on the outside with the middle bin white and brown. Simple and helpful. Purses. I have a row of purses high. This seems to be the easiest way to be able to reach up and touch the one that I want. The textures are very different and easy to distinguish by feel and shape.
Belts are also in a bin.
(Side note: If you can see this picture, I have pictures hanging in my closet of my kids when they were young - there are plenty outside of the closet as well.  I love them hanging around!)
The belts that are similar shape are labeled with a br for brown. I have mostly black belts so no mark indicates they are black. Jewelery - love it. I sort through it periodically with someone so I remember what I have. One drawer for earrings, two drawers for bracelets, two drawers for necklaces.

I love accessories to an outfit. I have a visual of what my accessories are in my head so that I can know what I am looking for to complete an outfit.  I knew with the snow (yuck) this morning I wanted to wear my new rider boots.  They are an olive brown color which I remembered that I had a sweater that same color.  I have my moms group today which made me think of my mom and the bracelet she gave me that I love.  It is metals which led to my accenting with this fun  necklace and earrings. 

Cricket and I had a chance to go for a walk today.  So happy that my boots are also very comfortable.  Love that I was in Joanne's Fabrics and when the cashier asked me my dog's name and I told her, the lady behind me said I thought I recognized her (a yoga instructor)! 

My head is spinning after a hectic Monday.   How was your day? 


Lucent Imagery said...

When I was diagnosed 10 years ago, my Mum and I made a pact that we would never allow my pride in putting together fashionable outfits to disappear, no matter hard it might be in the future. With my husband by my side also, I am lucky to have a man who offers me honest opinions and who can have really good fashion taste! The two of them are my most honest mirrors. You are an inspiration, of course for more than your fashion organisation to allow you to look put together each day. You look gorgeous and classy.

Becky said...

Lucent: How beautiful to have the support of your husband and mom as honest mirrors. I am so grateful also to my husband who enjoys shopping with and for me.

Mimi and CC Cabana said...

I'm fairly organized (though nothing compared to you), but my daughters must have missed that gene. I hope it will kick in at some point, but for now, they don't even care if their socks match! Teenagers.

Snow already?! Yikes, I hope it melts away soon!

Myrna R. said...

Slowly, I am still considering organizing my closets.

I'm impressed with your style - in more ways than one.

Becky said...

Mimi -Yes, I remember my room being a mess as a teen. More snow today.
Myrna - Thank you, how sweet. Happy organizing :D

s day @ said...

Monday was hectic as usual... but your outfit made you look "soooo put together." You always make my mondays better.

Kauaiart said...

You always bring a smile to my face, You are incredulous! It's my birthday, and I was able to shop at Deva Ju for boots today, looking for something in the brown palette to recycle. I felt like Cinderellas' step sister for a moment, "too small'. I'll keep trying the store until they have the right size. . .9 I guess.
SNow? delightful!
Love, Suzy and Mirage

Becky said...

Shan - You brighten my Mondays, for sure! Thanks.
Susan - Happy Birthday. Hope you find those fabulous boots, soon. I will try to feel of your positive energy about the snow :D

jennohara said...

I've been loving reading your organization posts. It's great to see what works for you, and again, like always, a learning experience!

Retired Duo said...

In your posts, you always look very fashionable and "put together." Now I understand how you do it. Thanks for the organization tips - helpful whether we're visually impaired or not.
Question: does Cricket get snow boots or some protective covering for her feet when it's snowy and icy out?
Happy Halloween from California.