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The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it. CC Scott

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Therapist's Thoughts on Thursday

The power of connecting with others and feeling like we are not alone in our journey is empowering.  I have watched this time and time again with groups in my office.  It continues to inspire me to get the message out on the groups that we are offering in our office. 

Our women's group - Finding Hope brightens my Mondays. I love seeing these women encourage and support each other.  They are able to identify with the feelings of depression and anxiety and offer each other hope.  One of the resources that we use in our groups is the Nedley Program.  Holli teaches this course in our area and gives valuable insight on her blog about depression. 

If you live in our area contact me and join us for our next group this Monday. You will find hope and laughter with this group.


Anonymous said...

Can I say this about the Nedley program? (I was in one of Holli's classes last year...) I agree with it 100%. Everything in it, I see the value. However--as i enrolled in it during a major depression, it was completely OVERWHELMING. The information, the responsibility, the ideas...I was already drowning, it just felt like more I would fail at.

Looking back, I can say it would have been more helpful for me in a better frame of mind to help prevent and/or remedy a future episode. Just my two cents!

Love to you!

Becky said...

Jen - thank you for sharing your insight. yes, agree.

love to you!