My little red tether is my anchor in running with my friends. A beautiful guide dog has been my tether/anchor in mobility and independence for 17 years: 1. Pantera 2. Cricket, and now my beautiful 3. Georgina (Georgie). A life of family and friends is my joy and anchor in life.

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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year - Giveaway

Cricket and Pantera were chosen to be Hero Dogs at Star Spangled Treats a few months ago. For the prize, we received some yummy, healthy treats in the mail for Cricket. They have become our 'high reward' treat. (Cricket doesn't realize we eliminate a portion of her kibble for the next meal to keep her nice, trim shape.) I love Lisa's passion for her business. She wants to make a difference and recognize hero dogs. She is offering the winner of our Giveaway a $15 credit at Star Spangled Treats. You might want a package of her yummy treats for your special dog or her oatmeal soap for bathtime for your pup.
(Picture of the oatmeal soap above/below is dog treats)
To enter: visit Star Spangled Treat then leave us a comment on something you like from her site and something special about your dog or a dog you know if you'd like it to be a gift. To get a second entry, let us know you are a follower. Giveaway will end on January 6th.


Mimi and CC Cabana said...

Am I the first to enter?! Becky, your tribute to Pantera on the Star Spangled Treats site was so touching. I love that Josh Groban song, but now I will think of you and Pantera every time I hear it.

What yummy treats on that site! All of them look luscious, but I'd have to say those paw-print s'mores are adorable. They sound very healthy, too.

Ally, Teddy and Kira said...

What a cool giveaway, those treats look good enough for me to eat! To tell the truth, I used to taste all of the treats I bought Teddy before I'd give them to him, although I gave that up years ago!

I love how her treats have quite low levels of protein, the first thing I look at on all treats now because of Miss Eva. I'm sure Cricket adores her high quality treats and doesn't even notice the kibbles missing out of her dinner!

Rebecca, Ely and Rocky said...

Reading what you wrote about Pantera and Cricket just about made me cry! It amazes me everyday just how smart these dogs are. Being a puppy raisers I never get tired of hearing or reading how these “crazy,” tiny puppies grow up to be such faithful companions.

The Labrador Lamb Bites look yummy. Ely was career changed from SEGDI due to hip dysplasia and then in May blew out his knee, so I am always looking for treats that would be good for him. He is allergic to corn which makes the hunt even harder. I also love the dog soap!

I always enjoy reading about Cricket and your adventures together.

Emily said...

(I am a follower)This is such a cool idea. I love your tribute to Pantera! It really is heart warming, and keeps me motivated as a puppy raiser. I thought it was so cute how Pantera stepped back to let Cricket take over!

The treats are all so cool! I love the paw print s'mores and the Corgi Cannolies. This website is awesome.

Toby- The dog with a blog said...

Cool giveaway!

I love all the treats on their site, they all look soo good (for dogs at least...).

I love your tribute to Pantera, it's very nice:)

Something special about my dog:
Even though Toby has soo many medical issues at the moment- he still is my top favorite dog, he is soo sweet, and cares for me more then anything in the world. I am truly going to miss him when he leaves!

I love those paw print treats, they look quite good!

Toby's Trainer
SEGDI Raiser

Natalie | The Bobby Pin said...

Yum, awesome!!

Deborah said...

HI, Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm going to look forward to following yours! You have a nice blog!! I like your guest room decorations. I love to decorate! Cricket is also very cute! What a beautiful guide dog :)
Glad to meet you and I hope you and your family have a very happy New Year!
PS> Did you see my animal blog? You may like all the pets :)

laura said...

Well hi there, I found you through Natalie :o) My choice at Star Spangled Treats was a no brainer: Boxer Barkscotti!

Katrin said...

Oh my gosh I am impressed! They actually make a treat my dog Niche can eat! Their "Min Pin Muffins- wheat free vegan muffins" are a treat he could have! Bravo to them! My hat is off! Trying to find cookies that I don't have to make in my own oven or dehydrator that he can eat is incredibly difficult. (the dog has more allergies than I can shake a stick at)

All three of my dogs are very special to me. James takes such good care of me on a daily basis when we are out and about, enabling me to live a much more independent life and do things I want when I want without being as dependent on other people. Monty gives the best cuddles and is a great watch dog. Niche is the most fun to train and try new things with as he's always up for a new fun game.

Emily and Keno said...

(I am a follower) What a beautiful tribute! I loved reading not only about Pantera and Cricket, but the other hero dogs as well. This looks like a great business! I loved the looks of all of their treats.

And to choose only one dog to say something special about is nearly impossible, but I guess I will ;) I'll choose Tahoe, my guide dog puppy who was recalled in November. She was(and is) one of the best dogs I've ever met. She was very intuitive, always picking up on the emotions in the room and understanding them in a way I didn't think possible. It was because of this and her amazing personality we became so close. I miss her more then... anything, but I can't wait to see where she goes in life!

What a great giveaway! Happy(late) new year!!

Lisa, Ellie and Hosta said...

Ooooh, the Labradoodle Lavendar soap is very appealing. It helps de-stress a puppy who finds it too stressful to work but insists on being a gals best friend and constant confidant!

What a neat site - thanks for sharing!

L^2 said...

Thanks for all the reminders about this Becky! I looked at the treat site early last week, but kept forgetting to leave a comment here. All of their products sound fantastic, especially the grain-free items, since I have a pet dog with allergies who is extremely difficult to treat shop for.

As a fellow guide dog user I know you can understand how special Willow is to me. As my first guide she will forever be remembered as the one who changed my life.

Becky said...

Thank you so much for sharing your stories! Oh, I want everyone to win!