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Friday, May 15, 2009

Miss Princess Paws

I appreciate Guide Dogs for the Blind SO much! Yesterday we had our annual follow up visit. I always appreciate their visits and helping us work through any challenges or questions we might have and also gives us the opportunity to show our good work! Cricket is a really good guide dog. I love when I told my colleagues at work that Cricket was having her follow up they were ready to defend her! I explained its just like us having our yearly review! Cricket had a couple places - some curbs and a doorway at the agency where she would veer to the left. With Ashley's help we were able to work in these areas and realized that Cricket was concerned with the change of texture ... a rug at the agency office, the tactile bumps on the curb that she was trying to avoid. When I would leave the office at the agency she would not walk straight to the door - I have not been able to figure out why - she does it everywhere else. We realized its because they have a textured rug in front of the doorway that she doesn't want to put her princess paws on. Ashley gave me some helpful tips on working with the clicker and kibble to help reinforce to Cricket that textures can be okay (and actually rewarding)! I knew she had princess paws but hadn't connected her veering left with avoiding the textures. As mentioned, nothing major - she has worked hard to stay on her target while keeping her paws okay! Cricket and I will have fun encouraging her that her princess paws can do it!
Thanks, Ashley for your wonderful help with our little challenge.


K and K said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this photo of Cricket! Good job both of you!

Luna and Sole' said...

Great photo of princess paws! I would never have thought about the texture of the carpet! What a great thing to have GDB be able to help in their follow-ups!

Good going Cricket!

Luna (and Sole')

The Brax Blog said...

Glad you got some help, it's always nice when someone can help you with dog training!

Frankie's trainer

Dan and Suzy said...

You two are darling!!!

Steve said...

A princess and a Queen. What a great mom you are always there for the kids and it has paid off. Happy Mothers Day to all.

OSU 98 said...

I know another little princess paws, miss Cricket. :) Glad to hear you got a good report card - as if we expected anything else!!!

I will continue to lobby for the empty peanut butter jar for you!!!

Andrea said...

That is the cutest picture I have ever seen! I love it!!

2 labs 4 me said...

Now that photo of Princess Paws needs to go on the GDB calendar.
It's priceless!!!!!

Becky said...

Cricket thanks you all for your fine comments on her photo! She loves to pose and we will have to get creative on what is next!