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Friday, May 9, 2014

Growing up Fisher

My daughter posted this on Facebook:

Growing up Fisher, a NBC show about a quirky family, was canceled today.  It was a show that when I first saw the pilot I knew it probably wouldn't last long.  But it was also one of the few times I got to see a blind person on a TV show that  depicted a dimensional character.  The blind character was not a stereotype.  He was a parent with a visual impairment who cared about his kids, handled life with humor and dealt with crazy things.  He was a partner at a law firm.  He was also quirky and comedic.

Instead of being cast as a "blind man" the star of the show was cast as "a father with two kids who is blind and uses a guide dog"  

If we're reaching far, Growing up Fisher, helped to normalize blindness just a bit.  If we're reaching short, it was a show my family could relate to on an entirely different level.  

I've heard people talk about why we need more minorities represented in media or leadership.  I think people who have disabilities fall into that.  Am I crazy to think that discrimination, the stares, the questions could end if people could see something as more 'normal?  What is normal anyway?

So thanks to Growing Up Fisher for doing more than they probably realized by creating a show that happened to have a blind person who uses a guide dog.  Thanks much.    

--Well said, Natalie.  Thanks.  I too am saddened that it won't be on longer.  We have enjoyed this show and as Steve said -- it is like years ago when you watched a show and it ended with a good message.  And as a side note as a therapist I particularly enjoyed the one where the mom decided she needed to drop out of school -- being a therapist seemed a little daunting :).  


Karen said...

We thought but were not surprised at all that Nat put such a meaningful and concise thoughtful comment. We enjoyed Fisher and sorry it is ended.

Shelly :) said...

We also enjoyed watching Growing up Fisher.

Miri said...

We are sad that this show was cancelled. We started watching because we are fans of JK Simmons, but kept watching because it was genuinely funny. Bummer.