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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Labyrinth in Sweden

If you've read my blog, you know I am such a fan of labyrinths.  I encourage my clients to have the experience.  Steve, being the great sport he is, has helped me find many throughout our state.  So, when on day one of our vacation and we were in Sweden and he said, Beck you won't believe what I can see.  I laughed and knew that he had found a labyrinth.  We had to quickly get a picture -- no time to walk the labyrinth with our group waiting, however.


GOOSE said...

My MOM loves labyrinth too. In the future our church has plans to put one in.

wendy said...

Did a little "catching up on your blog"...SWEDEN. WOW
and yes, sometimes wouldn't it be nice to just "leave make up behind.
I have never walked a labryinth...(physically, sometimes my LIFE fees like such)
but it would be a cool think to do.

For that matter, I haven't even tackled a corn maze (tee,hee)

Raiser Erin said...

I'm glad that you had some fun in Sweden! You're going to have to explain labyrinths to me sometimes. We went to a spa about two years ago and there was a labyrinth and I wasn't too sure what to do with myself. Haha!

Erin said...

I love labyrinths too! I think they are so cool. Your trip looks AMAZING Becky! So happy that you were able to experience so many neat things. I'm also so happy that Ann Taylor is owning up to what happened and trying to correct it. You are making a difference in so many ways. I love reading your blog. I always feel uplifted and empowered after. I think you are amazing!



Mimi said...

How fun to go to a labyrinth in Sweden! Your trip sounds so amazing.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing.