My little red tether is my anchor in running with my friends. A beautiful guide dog has been my tether/anchor in mobility and independence for 17 years: 1. Pantera 2. Cricket, and now my beautiful 3. Georgina (Georgie). A life of family and friends is my joy and anchor in life.

The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it. CC Scott

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Morning or Night Person/Dog?

With each new dawn there is delivered to your door a fresh,
new package called TODAY! C.R. Swindoll

At times I am asked about Cricket's daily routine and how it fits into mine.  We are a team, and so we coordinate our schedules.  Cricket wakes up at 6 am.  Majority of the time, I love my sweet alarm clock.  I should note she is not a big fan when I try to push the 'snooze' button.  Main reason for her perkiness is she gets fed when we wake up.  While she is eating is generally when I do my blogging.  Anyone that has a lab knows this doesn't give one much time - they eat super fast.  I find it is when I think of a thought of the day and start to write.  (Sometimes I end the post later in the day.)  Then, the nose comes to me and is ready to go outside.  I have always been a morning person and love a new day.  Cricket and I sing, dance, & water our flowers in the morning.  These days, I go running, walking, bike riding, or the ellyptical in the morning.  Many days my first appointment at the office is around 9 - 10 am so this gives us some nice time in the morning.  For the past five years, I have lived only a few short miles from my office which is so nice and majority of the time Steve and I are able to coordinate schedules and he gives us a ride to work.  (I spent several years with over an hour commute on the bus, crazy perhaps but the schedule was awesome with my kids, job I really enjoyed, and I was able to get lots of books listened to.) 
Work day: I generally schedule 3-4 appointments before Cricket gets a break - for lunch and a nice walk, possible.  Then, we schedule 2-3 more appointments and make sure we have a break around 3 for her dinner and a short walk if possible ... another appointment or two is our general work routine.    Being aware of Cricket's schedule for breaks and dinner helps me make sure I take breaks, too.  Cricket is up for whatever the day and evening entails ... yoga tonight.  Did you know there is a Resilient Warrior!  I think it might just be at our studio :), but the 75 minutes flew by as we were given the message of Clarity does not mean Certainty or Security.     

After 9 pm you can usually find Cricket in her bed or in my closet wanting her alone time.   Although at times, I get caught up in a project and up later, my high energy time is in the morning.   

So, are you a morning or night person?

Thank you to  Erin   for her sweet post.  Anyone else having the challenge of not being able to comment on blogger.  I keep trying to leave a comment and no such luck. Its really hard for me to keep my fingers quiet! 


Lucent Imagery said...

I love learning the similarities and differences between our dogs. It made me smile to have my happy, tail wagging "alarm clock" lick my hand this morning after a month away overseas. It was great to be reunited with my precious boy. The funniest thing is when he's tired and would like to sleep in. Nothing you do can entice him out of bed when he wants a sleep in!

Lucent Imagery said...

Oh. I'm a morning person! Once that first yawn kicks in at approximately 9pm, I'm yearning for bed. Whilst away in the northern hemisphere I did love the 11.30pm sunsets in Norway! Great for the night blindness, so my body clock was happy to adjust to later nights in order to sightsee.

rach said...

I am truly a night person, hence the night shift...I can appreciate a lovely sunrise and marvel at how nice it is to wake up before everyone else and enjoy the quiet. But I also like to be up at the end of a long day and ponder all that I did (or didn't do)... ;)

Clive said...

We're definitely night people in this house!

Clive is often the last out of bed in the morning - he will watch everyone else get up for school/work and only finally at about 8.30am will he move from his night-bed!

Although he loves his morning walk - its his night walks that get him really excited. We're often out at midnight enjoying the peace and quiet of the neighbourhood and chasing foxes (well Clive is!!).

L^2 said...

Jack is an anytime kind of dog. If I'm up early he's happy about it, but if I sleep a little later he enjoys that too.
I am definitely a night person though, always have been. I do my best to appreciate a beautiful morning, but my creativity and energy usually really kick in about 5p.m. when most people are about ready to be done working for the day. :)

Mimi and CC Cabana said...

It's funny, I used to be a night person, but having Cabana has made me do a total switcheroo. Now, if I watch any TV in the evening, I doze off, even if it's only 8:00pm! It's fine, I like being a morning person better anyway.

wendy said...

Sometimes I want to hide in my closet too.............Looking for Clarity.
Never have been a morning person. I don't want anything to start until the 9:00 hour .

cmom said...

sigh...just my sighing.... about the beauty of your deeply inward journey and your outwardly shared joy.
thank you. i think i just meditated reading this.

and of course you know i am a full morning person...up at the crack...

christy said...

cmom is now christy :)