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Monday, October 11, 2010

Remembering our Missy on Monday

Our house is quiet without our little pug, Missy.    She always made sure to be close by whoever was home.  She loved to lie in front of the tv that way everyone was looking at her.   Pulled up my  old Mondays with Missy posts.  It brought tears of love and joy for this sweet dog.  Some tears for wishing I could just give that sweet little pug one more hug.  Grateful for that last hug we were able to give her and knowing that it was her time -- her pain (and ours) is evident in the pictures.

We flew Natalie home  in May to say good-bye but Missy had other plans.  She was on medication and perked up for several more months. 
This dog has been there for some  tough times  and many sweet, happy times.   When Natalie was going through a very difficult time, Missy was Natalie's number one support.  She moved in with her and simply loved her.    As we know, a loss can bring up other difficult losses.  I hurt for my Natalie <./a>.    

Natalie sent a touching letter for us to read to Missy before she died.  Steve read it and we both cried.

Just a few of my past Mondays with Missy Posts:

Missy, you were little but the lessons you taught our family will not be forgotten.  Love.


L^2 said...

So, so sorry to hear about Missy. Sending hugs from me, and chocolate kisses from Mister J to you all.

Ruby's Raiser said...

We are so sorry for the loss you've suffered. Through your words and photos, it is so clear that sweet Missy has deeply touched everyone who knew her. Sending our thoughts and hugs across the miles.

OSU 98 said...

:( Even Crickers looks sad in the background of the picture where you are reading the letter to Missy.

Hugs to all.

Myrna R. said...

Your grief touches my heart. Missy was such a blessing, as all our dogs are to us. I'm going to spoil Daisy a little bit more today.

Anonymous said...

I am so, so sorry to hear about Missy. I can't even imagine the heartache that comes with losing a member of your doggy-family.

Sending love and support from Idaho.

Erin said...

I'm so sad about your little Missy. :( I think about you all the time Becky and what you're all going through right now. So so sorry.

wendy said...

It takes a long time to get over the loss of those people/pets we love so much.

We are already growing so attached to our new dog. She brings us humor every day.

Clive said...

We're thinking of you today,

take care
Clive and Murray

DCHY said...

I am glad you took time to share with us what you felt. My wife lost her dog recently and she still thinks about her. I empathize with you on that.

TOBY PUPPY in SA said...

The "Sounds of Silence" which you talk about are so deafening! I know them so well. If you are interested, I put up a special post when Maxdog died about this very issue.

My thoughts are with gentle on step at a time.
Sending lotsaluv