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The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it. CC Scott

Monday, August 30, 2010

Resilient Lou

I called to check in on my my dear friend, Lou last week.  She has been battling cancer for the past year and with both of us not being able to drive and living just far enough away -- it seems like too much time goes by between our visits.  As we talked, I learned that she is going in for further surgery tomorrow.  I will be thinking and praying that her surgery goes well and she will be able to return home in 10 days as expected. 

She is an example of Resilience to me in so many ways.   Our phone call last week is so "Lou".  She wanted to know all about my family -- her memory on what my children and husband are doing is incredible.  She asked all about my business and in Lou fashion said, I knew you could do it, Becky.  I kept working to get the conversation back to her and finding out how she was doing.   She hasn't been able to eat solid foods since January.  She remembered that I had that experience for a very short time in comparison.  When you are with Lou, she is present with you and in that moment.  I recall something she told me as she was teaching me some blind skills.  She has helped me with make-up, computer training, and my victor reader.  She shared that a teacher had taught her a valuable lesson early on -- you can learn many great skills that will help with blindness, but the ability to get along with others will be the most valuable.  She is amazing with her technology skills, but her example of a loving, gracious friend is indeed most valuable.  She is a leader in the community and volunteers in many capacities.   Whenever, I visit her, the phone is ringing and visitors are dropping by so I know that many also are blessed to have her as a friend. 

She shared wtih me how blessed she is and how kind it was for me to call her.  Her ability to find Gratitude in each day  is something I have always admired.  I recall when she had surgery a few years ago to have one of her eyes removed.  She was so optimistic and indicated this would be such a blessing as the pain that she had dealt with in that eye would be reduced. 

I hope at a future time, she can write this in her own words.  In the meantime, I am thinking a lot about her, love her and appreciate her example of Resilience.

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karen (Mom) said...

That is an amazing story. Have I met Lou? She sounds like a special friend and you have so many. I will be thinking about her too today and hoping it goes well.

Love you

Retired Duo said...

Lou is in my thoughts and prayers today. And so, of course, is Cricket. I hope she feels better.