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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Another Giveaway

I'm here at the office in an outfit I feel really awkward in and I visualize looking dumb! I thought by age 44 3/4 that feeling went away ... nope! I'm the only on in the office today so I can't get any reassurance from my fellow therapists! Picture my dress aka as my swimsuit coverup with a belt and a pink shirt underneath ... I don't think it should of happened today! I had a couple emergency calls just as I was leaving for work and my thought process left and here I am. ANYWAY, that leads me to my next question. Our office is being flooded with calls from moms who have adolescent girls struggling - I want to just hug them all and tell them they are amazing! As a woman, I wish Self- Acceptance for each of us.

What would you share with a young 13 year old struggling to find herself ... a 16 year old yearning for friends ... scared to start high school - so many other examples.

Leave a comment of what has helped you, share an experience, what you wished you'd known as an adolescent ... You'll be entered in my giveaway to receive this book: Today I Live by Karen C. Eddington. We're all winners ... but I'll post the winner to this book on Friday, August 28th.


Sewfast said...

I would share my story about being an overweight adolescent and how I found my way and let them know that what they are experiencing is "normal" (whatever that is! grin) Also I would let them know that "this too shall pass" (an idiom passed on to me from my Mother) and even now at 50 I still get moments of insecurity, but not as often, and I know how to calm my fears. Hugs to you Becky because you are amazing too! Mary

karen (Mom) said...

Such a difficult time for so very many. I saw so many students at USU who at 18-22 didn't have the feeling that they were okay just as they were and didn't need to do or be something out of this world. Sometimes we feel others expect more of us than we can give and it isn't okay to be just who we are. I surely don't have an answer because even at 70 I think oh to be pretty like one sister and skinny like the other! Crazy huh!! If anyone can help them it will be you.


Anonymous said...

It's so hard to be yourself at that age. Sometimes we don't know who we are & it's a confusing time. I was very shy. I decided to try out for a part in a play to bring me out of my shell. That started a new life for me & it really helped my confidence. Debi

Lisa and Ellie said...

My mother encouraged me to volunteer. I can't say enough how that helped me - I felt like I was doing something good for myself and others. In that sense, it helped take my focus off of poor me everyone hates me... to wow, I'm appreciated for giving something so simple as my time. I think that helped way more than any words my mother could have said. And, although my interests were vastly different than my mothers, she encouraged me to volunteer where I wanted and she lovingly toted me all over the city doing it. Of course, I owe it to her - without her encouraging me to do that - I never probably would have become a puppy raiser... Even in my wise old age of upper twenties, it's what keeps me going when there is work pressures and such.

Dan and Suzy said...

I would tell her how beautiful she is and give her the best hug of her life. Then a pedicure and a mani and a new hair do.
It's all good. One sometime must learn to love one self and be able to think
:This too shall pass"
Love, SuzyG and Mirage