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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Therapy Thoughts on Thursday

Finding the balance between work and play is a challenge, isn't it! In my profession (and I think it can be for any profession), we, at times, can feel like we can't say no and may feel some guilt that our life is going well. One thing I have loved to do in our office is help us come up with some supportive ways to help each other live by our RSI Self-care Motto. (they are adapted from Dr. Wolfelt's Self-Care Manifesto.) Here they are, what do you think?

*I deserve to lead a joyful, whole life.
*My WORK does not define me.
*I am not the only one who can help my clients.
*I will develop healthy eating, sleeping and exercise patterns.
*I must remember how to take care of myself (not get overinvolved in caregiving).
*I must maintain healthy boundaries in my helping relationships.
*I am not perfect and I must not expect myself to be.
*I must practice effective time-management skills.
*I must also practice setting limits and alleviating stress.
*I must listen to my inner voice.
*I should express the personal me in both my work and play.
*I am a spiritual being. I must spend alone time focusing on self-understanding and self-love. Cricket is sometimes referred to as the mascot in our office and an example to us of self-care!

Most of us have been in work environments that aren't supportive of the above. Its challenging and takes its toll on us physically and emotionally. It is a joy to be in an environment where we help and encourage each other to live by these self-care mottos.
I believe it helps us to be resilient and truly present with our clients.


Cabana's Puppy Raiser said...

Those are great guidelines for self-care. I have a tendency to feel I'm being self-ish, rather than seeing that doing something for myself is self-care. But we're no help to anyone in the long run if we haven't taken care of ourselves first. I might need to print that list out and put it on my bathroom mirror so I can read it often!

OSU 98 said...

So true...and it is such a challenge to stand up and live by those values in the workplace. I am very fortunate to work in a GREAT environment and it has gotten a lot easier to live those words...

Luv the picture of, WHAT NOW MOM? Don't you see I am basking in the sun?

Dan and Suzy said...

Very Nice Becky~