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Friday, August 30, 2013

Connecting with your Resiliency

I feel so very fortunate to love what I am able to do in my professional life. I am deeply grateful for the people that I meet and am inspired by each day. Often we hear, I just need to get away, when people are going through difficult time. My colleague, Melanie Holt and I are excited to share information on our upcoming retreat. We hope you will share this with someone you might know that is grieving. St. George is a beautiful, healing place. If you'd like more information, leave me a comment or email me at:

“Connecting with Your Resiliency”

Join Licensed Therapists, Becky Andrews & Melanie Holt

Grief Retreat

October 23 – 26, 2013
Coral Springs Resort, St. George, Utah

Why a Grief Retreat?

A retreat for adults designed to be an educational and experiential program for connecting with your resilience and strengths.

“While the death of someone loved changes your life forever, repressing or denying the pain will not make it go away, but understanding and expressing your pain will help you heal.”  A.D. Wolfelt, PhD

Grieving has no time limit.  It may be 2 months or 10 years after a loss.  All are welcome to join in finding their strengths and strategies in getting through tough times.

What to Expect

The grief retreats begin on Wednesday evenings, check-in is at 4pm.  The program begins at 5:30pm.  The program consists of educational segments that help you fully understand the effects of grieving and learning how to cope and adjust to the loss.  **There also will be alone time – opportunities to meet with one of our licensed therapists individually each day and experiential group activities.  All activities are optional.

Each program offers time for participants to share personal stories, and to hear from other’s how they have been affected.   Participants will be taught ways to use their strengths in managing their loss. 

The retreats conclude at 11:00 AM following breakfast on Saturday morning.

The cost is $850 which includes three nights lodging at the beautiful Coral Springs Resort, dinner Wednesday evening, breakfast each morning, and all the activities from Wed afternoon - Saturday morning.

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