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Monday, June 18, 2012


Thank you so very much for your kind, supportive comments on my last post.  I do hope Ann Taylor will take this opportunity to make sure they have educated their employees.  To feel such discrimination is a very difficult experience to say the least.

On a happier note, I have been uplifted on so many ocassions reading Beth's blog .  I feel so very special to be a guest on her blog!  Love that she referred to me as a fashion plate :).  How fun!

We have one of her beautiful books  in our waiting area at our office.  Adults and children read and are educated on guide dogs in such a beautiful and fun way.    

I hope we get a chance to meet and have lunch one of these days :).   


Myrna R. said...

Have a great day. Hope you're not working too hard yet.

Beth Finke said...

Yes, let's do lunch! We can order the, ahem, fashion plate. Cheers, Becky!

wendy said...

Just read your post below as well.

Seriously ??? they not know they could be sued (can they) or suffer some kind of fine for not abiding by the disability act??
Who does that these days??
WHO....does not know that.
I am in shock actually.
I am glad your hubby went back in there and "calmly(much different from how I would have reacted, sorry, he is a better man then me, tee,hee).........educated those morons.
I too would have felt a little overwhelmed though, as I think you are a gentle spirit who would never want to cause A SCENE.
Oh...I would have liked to have been by your side that day.
oh yeah

KathyKat said...

Just read the articlate regarding Ann Taylor and am not surprised by the lack of knowledge store clerks and restaurant employees lack. My daughter has a guide dog (Brie) and when visiting a restaurant Sunday the employee said : what's the deal with the can't have a dog in here. Shame on Ann Taylor and other uninformed people!

Anonymous said...

I called Ann Taylor a few minutes ago and spoke to Kathryn 212-457-2199 in public relations. She was cold, unfriendly, and didn't seem to give a fig when I told her I would never shop at another Ann Taylor again. She hung up sarcastically wishing me a good day at the end of the call. NICE!

kwexy said...

I was so upset by Ann Taylor that I wrote a letter to the president. Here it is below...
Dear Katherine Krill,

I was appalled by the lack of knowledge and compassion for Becky Andrews and her service dog, Cricket at your Salt Lake City store at City Creek. WHY was she and her dog not allowed in your store? Are you not familiar with Americans with Disabilities Act? Please train yourself and the rest of your employees about the law.

If this is the way you treat your customers, then I will no longer be one of your loyal customers.

I do hope you will take the time to respond to me and more importantly to call Becky and apologize.

Kathy Shapiro Wexler

Anonymous said...

I just read about your unfortunate experience at Ann Taylor. Your offer of training for their employees was very gracious under such circum-stances. It speaks volumes to those who are uninformed and, perhaps, also to those who would reproach the employee with the same rudeness she displayed. Thank you for your example of civility in an increasingly uncivil society. Respectfully, Donna Davis