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The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it. CC Scott

Monday, May 23, 2011

Ann Taylor Loft. Goals.

One of the recent keywords on my blog search was Ann Taylor Loft Goals! I don't know how all that happens but did take it seriously that I needed to set an Ann Taylor Loft Goal!  I met two dear friends for lunch on Friday at Gateway. Its a super easy place that Cricket knows well - fun shopping for a few minutes before or after lunch and several good lunch choices. Plus, my friend Ann Taylor Loft is nearby. I went in there and said, my friend is having a birthday and I need to get her a fun necklace. They were, of course, super helpful and found me one that I am so excited to give her on Monday.  I think she will have fun wearing it with a variety of outfits.  My Ann Taylor Loft Goal was to just buy something if it was a super bargain - you know at least 50% off.  So, I found it -- a fun new denim trench coat. Here's the math: regular $129, marked down to $79 then marked down again to $49 and then 30% off of that so then with delivery/taxes as they had to track it down from another store = $41.70. With our crazy weather this will be a nice jacket to have and glad that I could meet my Ann Taylor Loft Goal. My next Ann Taylor Loft Goal: to not enter that store until next month. I can do it.

Sometimes people are surprised to hear that I do go shopping alone.  Now, its not quite as fun as shopping with my daughter ... not near as much giggling in the dressing room; but it can work! 

A few of my Tips for Shopping Independently as a Woman who is Blind.

Have an idea of what you are shopping for - ie, a denim jacket, black pants, fun colorful top so that when the clerk asks how she can help, you have an idea of how she can help!

Invite their feedback.  I am not afraid to ask for  their opinion.  How does this fit?  What is the latest trend?  Describe this to me, etc.

I have my few favorite stores that I tend to frequent often and feel comfortable going to alone.  I can tell you where the new items are at Ann Taylor, where the bargains are, etc.  I think Cricket knows, too!

If it is a new store, I try to go with a friend so that I can orient myself to the surroundings and layout of the store.  If I am alone, I have found the clerks to generally be very  helpful.

Cricket knowing find the door and find the counter is all we need to exit the store having a successful shopping experience and a great bargain gives us an extra bounce in our step!     

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Lucent Imagery said...

Ah you made me laugh with your new goal of not entering for a month! Your outfit is gorgeous! I've found that I no longer shop for black clothes for two reasons - 1. it means more work getting the obvious dog hair off and 2. it's so hard to see any detail in dark clothes when hanging under the store lights. I too shop on my own a lot because I'm so slow and don't want to annoy a fellow shopper. Sometimes I go into a store with the style number from their website and ask the assistant to find it for me. I also shop with my husband or mum more often lately and I find the shopping is done much quicker with the extra set of eyes looking for me. I wouldn't have found this gorgeous dark coloured dress for an upcoming wedding if I didn't have my Mum with me that day. I love shopping with my husband or mum because they are so totally honest!