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Monday, November 29, 2010

Fashion Organization: Jewelry

Continuing on with the   Fashion Organization , sharing how I organize my Jewelry.
As with any part of organizing, a place for everything and everything in its place is helpful. I love my jewelery case.
The top drawer is designated for earrings.  I try to put them away as a pair.  If I have lost one of them, they go in the bottom drawer.   Sometimes it is AMAZING how earrings will reappear.  I recently found one of my black/white earrings in the bottom of a box of my office Christmas Decorations.  I brought it back and sure enough the other one was in my bottom drawer so I now, a year later, have a set again. 

Second drawer is bracelets/watches.
This next drawer has earring backs (lots of extras so that I am not searching), rings, and necklaces.  There is one additional drawer for more necklaces. 
This jewelery cabinet also has sides that hold long necklaces. 

It probably could be organized neater but this seems to work.  Most jewelery is distinct enough that I recognize it by feel or can identify with my limited sight or I ask Steve.  I love wearing jewelry.  It seems to just make an outfit complete.   Most of my jewelry is pretty inexpensive which is a relief because I do lose it.  Over the years, Steve has given me nice jewelry and we both have agreed that its best not to ... Too sad, to tell him I've lost those diamond earrings you gave me.  I keep my wedding ring on all the time - if I'm doing something that it needs to be protected,  I wear gloves (cleaning, yard work, etc).  I try to simplify the amount of 'searching' for something.  I do enough of that with much larger items in my home. 

How do you organize jewlery?  Do you have a favorite item you wear?  I have a special event happening on Thursday morning with photos!  Can't wait to tell you all about it. 


Clive said...

Very impressed with that jewellery box and how organised it is. I am always losing earrings - well, always one! I cannot talk on the phone with my earring in, so I take it off while I'm on the phone and of course, never remember to put it back on. I have countless amounts of single earrings, but like you, I do tend to find them. Just this morning, took a sweater out of the washing machine and there was one of my earrings pinned to the collar of it!

take care

Myrna R. said...

Well, I'm officially ashamed. I would never photograph the shelves in which I keep: jewelry, old photos, purses and other various and sundry things. You are my organization queen.

Becky said...

Fiona; Yes, can sure relate. It is amazing how something so little can reappear :).

Myrna; I like that title of Organization Queen! I seem to do it kicking and screaming ... out of necessity have become more organized I guess.