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The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it. CC Scott

Sunday, June 6, 2010

2 for 2

I walked in the door from teaching a a Relief Society lesson and was talking to Steve, (He had left before me to another meeting) and he had to deliver the sad news to me that I had addressed oh 40 ladies with a spot on my sweater :<. He tried to tell me it probably wasn't noticeable. It was right in the front so I think he's being nice. Yesterday this happened after I had met with my afternoon clients. Again, I hoped that perhaps they were busy with sharing their story and not noticing that their therapist had a spill on the front of her shirt!

Often Steve is here to give me a visual check before I walk out the door. The mirror is just not helpful to me anymore. Help me out -- share your skills/techniques (blind or not) if you have any! I apparently need a refresher course, fast!

Cycling Today: 23 miles around our loop. Hot and sunny. Love it.


Ro said...

Unfortunately I have no advice. I've just come to not care if I have a stain. Someone at Saavi once told me it's perfectly acceptable to make a mess. If I have a stain, oh well. I'm freakin blind; I think I have a pass haha. Though, for a professional setting, it might matter more. But I think people aren't going to a judge a blind girl with a spot on her shirt. It's just something I've had to let go because I don't have a solution. I'm sure I've got plenty of coffee spots on some of my stuff. I try not to wear white.

Clive said...

Wearing something that is multi-coloured might help - the stain or mark wouldn't be as obvious!

Just a thought ...


wendy said...

Oh I hate it when that sort of thing happens. I ALWAYS end up with "something" in my teeth when we go out to eat. so I have made it my husbands STRICT responsibility to tell me if he see's something, cause nothing worse then talking to someone with a pepper stuck in your teeth like some redneck.

Deanna said...

Well, Becky... a bib always works for me! JK... I'm sure no one noticed. How could they notice while listening to your lesson? I'm sure it was awesome and you look absolutely beautiful too!

Kauaiart said...

A small spot in contract to your Jai-nornous Glowing Beauty would not be visible. . .All Love, Suzy and Mirage