My little red tether is my anchor in running with my friends. A beautiful guide dog has been my tether/anchor in mobility and independence for 17 years: 1. Pantera 2. Cricket, and now my beautiful 3. Georgina (Georgie). A life of family and friends is my joy and anchor in life.

The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it. CC Scott

Friday, April 16, 2010

Joys of Home

I  love when someone tells me they feel comfortable when they come to our house.  I say it is decorated 'andrews' style with lots of family pictures around and special things and pictures of places we have visited. The picture above our mantle could be near my parents house and so offers peace and serenity. The angels each came from someone special with their name on the bottom and sit on top of a book written by Steve's grandpa. I recently invited Joy to come over to my home and offer some suggestions for my mantle and some tables.  She was so much fun and so helpful. She learned all about where my different special items had come from and heard all about my family. We highlighted this special tandem bike (a treasure given to us by my brother, Brad) with some pictures of us riding our tandem. I like that the tandem is parked on a beautiful doily made by my grandma.
This is a central table in our home that I am always playing around with trying to get it right.  She taught me about decorating with books which was fun.

This little table always felt like it needed something more. She suggested a higher lamp which I already had one to use. This little candle holder was put together by Pantera's puppy raiser. It makes me smile thinking of us laughing toogether in World Market.
Before she came she asked me to pull out items that I already had in my home that we could 'shop' from to create the space. One suggestion she gave me that I am super excited about is to find a fun vase for my entry table that I can put fresh flowers in. Another item that is in the arrangement in the table that you can't see is a beautiful pottery piece that was given to me by Karen after our visit to the Puppy Raising Club on Tuesday. I will think of her and our Cache Valley that we love. Home, Sweet, Home.


Mimi and CC Cabana said...

I love that tip of stacking books under the vase. I'm going to try that. Your home looks really lovely, Becky, but with an inviting feel, rather than that "don't touch anything" vibe that some nice homes have.

Lacey said...

Your home is so beautiful. How fun to have someone come and share tips on how to put it all together! Love how it all looks!