My little red tether is my anchor in running with my friends. A beautiful guide dog has been my tether/anchor in mobility and independence for 17 years: 1. Pantera 2. Cricket, and now my beautiful 3. Georgina (Georgie). A life of family and friends is my joy and anchor in life.

The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it. CC Scott

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wearing Green

The last couple days I have heard different fun activities my friends/colleagues do on St. Patrick's Day with their kids ... green pancakes, green water in the toilet, the leprechaun comes for a visit ... they all get a new green tee. I am reflecting back and I remember telling my kids -- hey, its st. patrick's day - wear green. That was it. I am so sorry children. This is a holiday that we totally overlooked with all its fun and potential festivities.
So, in an attempt to be festive -- we are wearing green today. Happy St. Patrick's Day. Is there something fun you do to celebrate?


Katrin said...

With my grandmother's last name being "Ryan" St Patrick's Day is a rather big day in my family. We have traditional corn beef and cabbage with all the fixings, generally she calls each and every family member to say "Top O' the Mornin' To You" and you're supposed to reply "And the rest of the day to yourself." Etc. Stuff like that. tradition you know.

Have a fun day! Cricket's scarf looks very festive!

SGR said...

Woof! Woof! Happy St; Pat's Day to you. Have a GREAT reason to wear GREEN. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

Jen and Bil said...

lol I've never done anything but wear green. I didn't have anything green for Bilko, but I baught these green shamrock headband and tried to get him to wear it. I think he would have if I'd put it on his neck and not his head, but he kept shaking and it'd fly off so I lost it. :( lol

Mimi and CC Cabana said...

I didn't even wear green today! I thought about it--but somehow, it just didn't happen. :(

Lisa, Ellie and Hosta said...

WOW, green toilet water! That's kinda cool!!! I'll have to get better with my celebrations in future years!