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Monday, August 3, 2009

Guide Dog Etiquette

Thanks to all who read the Guide Dog Etiquette and left comments.

I hope to answer the questions and encourage other guide dog users to also share their input and experiences.

To me, my guide dog is part of my personal space, so I try to be respectful and make sure she is not taking up someone else's space (not sprawled in the middle of the room, or licking or sniffing where she shouldn't be!). In that same realm, I really appreciate when someone respects my personal space and sees my guide as a part of me. When this is the case, they don't pet her, and they speak to me. I also am realistic and realize that is an 'ideal world'. I recognize that someone's interaction with me might be their only opportunity to learn about a Guide Dog so it is important that I am polite and educate when at all possible. Its been 13 years of the routine of having a guide dog by my side, but I know it is still very unique to someone else and brings up many questions. Generally, if we are not actually working - with the harness up, I am happy to take a minute and introduce them to Cricket and answer their questions.

As far as being approached in public, I appreciate when someone comes up to me and identifies who they are and talks to me first. (For example: Hi Becky, this is Natalie from church) At times, someone may come over and get Cricket all excited. I'm trying to figure out who they are and it can make for a little chaotic greeting. I appreciate when someone sees me and comes up and introduces themself.

Thank you to those who commented on how they educate thier children. This leaves a lasting impression on the children. I usually stop and tell them thank you.

Next, I will address the questions about our training and resisting food!

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