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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Favorite Island?

We just returned from the Hawaiian cruise so we experienced the Islands quickly ... best part - being together (forced bonding)! We started off hiking Diamond Head in Oahu and making the drive around the island for favorite foods (another post) and a visit to Kyle, Kendall's friend,and the beach in Laie. (Side note: this red shirt Steve is wearing comes to every family vacation for years)
Next was two days on the beautiful beaches in Maui and the winding road to Hana.Hilo has DELICIOUS shaved ice ... with ice cream, condensed milk and beans in there ... volcanoes, too!
Kona had great snorkeling, a turtle came very close, Bubba Gumps for lunch and cycling jerseys!

As Natalie mentions we were fortunate to almost miss Hurricane Felica. In Kaui our kayaking/hiking trip was cancelled due to the heavy rains but we had a fun Plan B ... a boat trip to NaPoli Coast where we again saw turtles and dolphins!

Our last day we were able to go to Pearl Harbor and visit the east side of Oahu. By this time in the vacation, no more group pictures ... I'm on my own for this one. (My family are great sports to put up with all my family pictures!)Do you have a favorite island ... or one you are hoping to go visit?

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Lacey said...

It all looks like so much fun and so beautiful! I have never been to Hawaii but I keep telling Rob I want to do a cruise so that I can experience all the islands and then get a feel for which island I want to go to the next time we go to Hawaii!!
Glad you guys had a great trip!