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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Lessons I learned in the Dark

**Update: Jennifer is going to be on Dr. Phil, Thursday, July 2nd

I have recently finished a great book by Jennifer Rothschild titled: Lessons I learned in the Dark. Interestingly in part due to my profession, I first was drawn to the title of another book she has written: Self Talk, Soul Talk. In this book, she talks about the things we tell ourselves: I could never do that, They don't like me, I am such an idiot to mention a few. As she says, we wouldn't talk to anyone else like that so let's be kind to ourselves!

As I began to listen to her second book - Lessons Learned in the Dark, I realized she was blind from Retinitis Pigmentosa! I was pulled in at this point! She is a remarkable woman who has appeared on Dr. Phil, Good Morning America, travels and presents throughout the country. She writes from a spiritual and inspiring perspective but also much humor and she's real. She doesn't gloss over that at times blindness is hard while also having a beautiful life.

A couple of excerpts: "Because of my sight loss, I've had to learn to wait. I spent the entire afternoon wondering how I was going to get black hose and wishing I could just jump in the car and go buy it. But I can't drive. So when it comes to the everyday needs of life, i've had to master the art of delayed gratitification. I've learned that although waiting is never fun, it's always healthy. Our joy and peace and hope don't depend on when our needs and wants are met. Instead, they come from what we choose to do in the meantime, when life is hard and so is waiting."

In talking about a recent move she writes: "I longed for my world to become orderly again. My stinging arms (that had been burned by a new oven with different placement) were a painful reminder of how difficult change can be. I didn't like having to adjust; I was tired of tripping over boxes and feeling my way around my new domain ... I'm tired of all the bumps, bruises, and burns!"

It is an inspiring read that is full of hope, humor and encouragement and as mentioned I love that she did share some of those challenging moments as well. I also enjoyed learning one of her and her husbands loves is riding a tandem bike!

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