My little red tether is my anchor in running with my friends. A beautiful guide dog has been my tether/anchor in mobility and independence for 17 years: 1. Pantera 2. Cricket, and now my beautiful 3. Georgina (Georgie). A life of family and friends is my joy and anchor in life.

The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it. CC Scott

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Funny Story

Cricket and I walk through the garage this morning to water the flowers. I carefully walk between our car and Kendall's truck. After a few steps it feels like his truck isn't there - sure enough it is gone. I think to myself - hmm, its early wonder where Kendall went. Must of gone to the gym or somewhere. I start thinking to - oh, I was going to ask if he could take me in to work. We go to fill the water pail and walk through the driveway and BAM - I run into the truck! Then, I remember last night he had to park it in a different place. I realize how much of what I see I am visualizing in my head! Atleast I know he is home to give me a ride! The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it. George Scott


Cabana's Puppy Raiser said...

Ouchies! I hope you are okay. Your story reminds me of how much "seeing" is done with the brain, not just the eyes!

3 labs 4 me said...

Oops.............I hope you're not hurt. What a shock! I've smacked into the edge of the bed in the dark of night. It hurts!

Dan and Suzy said...

I so admire your resiliance!