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Friday, March 20, 2009

It is What it Is

Yesterday I heard this phrase repeated five times in my office with clients! Some say it with hope in their tone, others with resignation ... I am trying to decide how I feel about this quote. I love yoga because I have found that it is such a wonderful mindfulness, present activity that keeps one to the place of what is. As I said, I think this quote can have many mixed meanings for people and would love to hear your interpretation.


Tabatha said...

I definitly agree with you on having mixed feelings on the "it is what it is" quote. I think that either way its a way of saying "you cant change what is.." but at the same time I think you can change anything if you want it bad its definitly a loaded 5 words!! :)

Dan and Suzy said...

There are a pair of words Abyasa amd Variaga.
Abyasa is steadfast focus. What you throw your energy at.
To do your best effort.
Variaga is a term yogis use that means Do not be attatched to a particular result,
Thus, 'It is what it is'.
Its like praying 'Thy Will Be Done' :_)
My 2 cents worth. Love, Susan

karen (Mom) said...

How we would love to change "what it is" - The dreaded situation (VISION lOSS) that we have know would come is almost too difficult to think about. But knowing its inevitability hasn't and won't make it easier. How we have prayed over the years that research would find an answer to RP. We love you dearly as do so many.


OSU 98 said...

I had not really thought too much about the phrase itself...I tend to think of it as neither positive or negative, just factual and realistic. I think it is also a personal choice in how you use it...I tend to dwell on things sometimes..and when I say this to myself, it helps me accept what is and move on..