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Friday, October 24, 2008

Highlights from our Day in Athens

Today was a fabulous day and I must say I love Greece and the people are so friendly. We started out the day walking with our group to the Acropolis (the high city - the sacred rock) to see the Parthenon. This was quite a hike with lots of bumpy, slippery varied terrain. The cane was necessary and Cricket would have kept very busy notifying me of all the changes in terrain. One of the security guards stopped us and I was worried for a second but he wanted to let me know that I could TOUCH/FEEL anything that I wanted (throughout the site there are signs that indicate 'please do not touch' -- we thought that was so nice of him!

We went over to Mars Hill, which is between the Acroplis and the Agora. According to Luke, the apostle Paul only paid one visit to this city. It was here on this hill that Paul gave his famous address "To the Unknown God" (Acts 17). We were able to walk up the same trail that scholars believe Paul walked to deliver his address. That was pretty cool to be able to do that (slippery/bumpy hike but we made it!) Dr. Thom Wayment, author of From Persecutor to Apostle, a biography of Paul is our guide.

Interesting note: there are many stray dogs and cats throughout the city. The guide tells us they are fed and taken care of by the people in the city.


2 labs 4 me said...

We loved Greece & the people were friendly & helpful. We loved the history & it came alive seeing the places we had only read about. Very cool.

Lacey said...

Can't wait to hear more!! Keep on posting.