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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Heightened Senses?

At our last staff meeting, one of our therapists is doing some contract phone sessions - He indicated he had called the licensing board to confirm this was okay - as they were questioning therapy by phone and him not 'seeing' the client, he told them he worked with a blind therapist who was not 'seeing' her clients. He said they told him yes, but she has heightened other senses. This brought up the discussion of did I? I believe when one sense is gone, we rely on the others and use them more? Perhaps I don't have stronger hearing but I rely on it more? I know I don't like my ears covered, noisy crowds or even my hands covered -- I rely on the other senses more. I also mowed our lawn for several years with bare feet (I know kind of dangerous ... one of those things I asked my kids to not follow my example) so that I could feel where I had mowed. Cricket and I just came inside from a beautiful Fall morning walk, and it was beautiful for the crisp air, the birds chirping (they had to be around somewhere), and the kids laughter all around as they were walking to school. I don't know if our senses are heightened when one is gone or just used and appreciated more?

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OSU 98 said...

An opinion from the sighted - Sharon's sense of hearing is DEFINITELY more keen than mine. She hears things so many things I don't...when we lived closer and spent more time together, her job was to listen for things on our walks and my job was to look for the things she heard. I spent a lot of time looking around on our walks.

I also remember a time where we were on a walk a little later at night - she would walk in the dark with me but not by herself, for obvious reasons. Anyway, this guy came out of his drive way from behind a car, startled us all and Truth even made some guttural noise. We spoke to the man for just a second and after we were out of earshot, Sharon said "That guy creeped me out". He creeped me out too...I think he even creeped our children out.

Unquestionably, in this readers opinion and experience, certain senses of the blind are DEFINITELY more keen...